In recent times, buying properties off-plan has become one of the most profitable options for real estate investors. A cheaper option for homebuyers in Nigeria. Although, it takes a lot of gut and effort to buy properties off-plan. It also takes a lot of courage and can-do for a developer to embark on the journey of creating homes from thin air.

Off-plan property purchase means that you are buying into the concept and design of the development with hopes that the project execution process will be a favourable one and the end product matches your expectation. You are also trusting that the developer has the values declared or portrayed to deliver on agreed deliverables.

Building a house that can stand the test of time requires great precision and accuracy from top-notch professionals who can be held accountable. The dearth of such professionals and the rigours of building a house from scratch can sometimes be a tall order for an individual. For homebuyers who do not wish to go through the rigours of building from scratch, the off-plan property becomes a preferred option. It offers the opportunity for some personalization while taking away the stress of building by yourself.

Why Choose an Off-Plan Property Investment?

There are many reasons to consider an Off-Plan Property Investment. Firstly, property remains a flexible, rewarding and reliable asset in any portfolio, offering the opportunity to deliver two unique income streams.

This asset also offers incredible potential for long-term growth, more than you’d find in a traditional property investment. Because Off Plan requires an investor to purchase a property before it’s completed, there is always potential for surrounding property prices to rise, which would result in clear returns for the investor.

This also has the added benefit of providing an investor with a guaranteed new-build unit that they can hand-pick, provided they get in early enough. As far as flexibility goes in the property investment world, off-plan is unmatched in the different strategies it can be adapted to.

Benefits of Buying Property Off-Plan

  1. Off Plan Property Can be Purchased Below Market Value
  2. Purchase Specific Units
  3. Guaranteed New Build Apartment

Why You should Buy Off-Plan with the Ambiance Heights?

Did you ask, “why the Ambiance Heights? Well, the Ambiance Heights by Tribitat secures your investment. Remember that when investing in a property off-plan, trust is the keyword and Tribitat has delivers excellence at all times. In September 2020, we at Tribitat Real Estate promised to bring you Premier Residences at The Ambiance in Abraham Adesanya when we began the project.

Every step of the way we made sure we delivered. While creating aesthetically appealing homes, we ensured great quality of all the materials used from the blocks to the smallest screws. The best of hands worked with dedication and dexterity. Looking at the project, you can see that we keep to our word and created beautiful 2bedroom terraces, 2 bedroom semi detached, 3bedroom terraces and 4 bedroom fully detached duplexes.

One year later, we are here making the same promises we did with The Ambiance. We are even taking it a step further and telling you that we will surpass expectations at AMBIANCE HEIGHTS LEKKI. Ambiance Heights is located just off Freedom Way, & off the regional road Lekki Phase 1 and below are some few reason why you should consider buying into it now at the offplan sales;


At the moment, Ambiance Heights selling price starts at N70,000,000 for a two bedroom duplex. That is a very affordable price for a property of such standard in such a location. This is a juicy deal for those looking to invest in assets that are prone to appreciation. Also, the project delivery time is 24 months, Hence, investors are likely to make high returns on investment as soon as possible.


This one of the best ways billionaires makes money through real estate. Now, think about it, imagine investing your money in trusts or other investment options available to everyone. You will get returns, but none can be compared to this because getting your returns is assured. At the moment, finished properties in the same location as the Ambiance Heights sell for 100% or 200% higher than the Ambiance Heights current selling price.

Are you bothered about the outcome of the property? Never mind! You can view the 3D designs and the proposed buildings. You can also experience the awesomeness of the Ambiance Heights in an immersive virtual tour; now there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this opportunity to get so much value out of your investment?


Did you say, “I want to invest, but I don’t want to live in Lagos”, that’s okay! How about getting rental income from the purchase of Ambiance and still having that property in your asset portfolio, that sounds great; doesn’t it? Considering the fact that Lagos is one of the most sought after property locations in Nigeria, and that it houses the most expensive city in Africa to live in, your rental income in such a strategic location as the Ambiance Heights is prone to rise from time to time.

The icing on the cherry top, the Ambiance is located in a neighborhood with high traffic, and there are rarely properties that stay without tenants. So you can make your rental income immediately after completion.


This should be the number one point, shouldn’t it? One of the advantages of investing in the Ambiance Heights off-plan is that you can get the opportunity to tweak your design. You can have it “as you like it”. Let’s say the initial apartment comes with one store, but you want two stores, you can commune with the company about your desired results. Only an off-plan sale affords you that luxury! Being a part of the building process is simply fantastic.


With this off-plan sale comes a flexible payment plan. You can start with an initial deposit. The Ambiance Heights provides a great way to grow your capital, viewing it as an investment that you have to put your funds in from time-to-time. It’s okay if you do not want to pay all at once. Just commit to it as one of your monthly investment plans and get funds in bulk and a large return on investment in no time.

Check Our Investment Analysis for Investors.

Rental Income (Annual & 5 Years)

Apartment Annual 5 Years

2 Bedroom Duplex N3,000,000 N15,000,000
3 Bedroom Duplex N3,500,000 N17,500,000

Short Let (Annual & 5 Years)

Apartment Daily Annual 5 Years

2 Bedroom Duplex N50,000 N18,250,000 N91,250,000
3 Bedroom Duplex N70,000 N25,550,000 N127,750,000

Resell at Completion (24 Months)

Apartment Percentage Increase

2 Bedroom Duplex 40%
3 Bedroom Duplex 40%

With a mission to make the real estate acquisition process as easy, cost-effective, and seamless as possible Tribitat real estate provides properties in strategic locations that are targeted at solving the housing deficit in Nigeria as well as creating investment opportunities for smart investors within and beyond the shores of Nigeria.

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